August 4, 2014 Rotogram: 5

Rural Health in Mississippi

Bonnie Carew with the Mississippi State University Extension Service directs the Mississippi Rural Medical Scholars Program. Ed Clynch will introduce her.

Next Week: LPGA at Old Waverly

We will get a preview of the 2014 International Sports Promotion Society’s Handa Cup, an LPGA Legends Tour event at Old Waverly Golf Club in September.

For the Record— July 28

  • Invocation and pledge:         Grant Arinder
  • Attendance:                                             65%
  •                              Present — 91 (40 exempt)
  •        Absent — 82 (19 exempt, 10 honorary)
  • Makeup reported:Frank Chiles in West Point.
  • Guests:Member guests were Susan Seal of Ned Browning, Martin Lifer of Frank Chiles, Jo Beth Dodds of Russell Dodds and Ruth Remy of Keith Remy. Guests of the club were Robin Havard, Dawn Reynolds, RYE students Philippa Romen and Matt Reynolds, and Steven Nalley, Starkville Daily News.

Meeting Notes

  • President Michelle reported that Stan Grzybowski was still in intensive care in Atlanta following a heart attack.
  • She complimented Philippa on being featured in two Starkville Daily News pictures covering MSU Summer Scholars.
  • New Rotary family members were noted: Jennifer Gregory’s new son is named Wells. Debra Hicks’ grandson has arrived.
  • The president checked the calendar and assured members that next spring’s district conference will not conflict with Super Bulldog Weekend. Registration already is open on the district Web site

Honorary Life Member

The board of directors has named Krish Bhansali an honorary life member. A member since 1985, Krish is no longer able to attend regularly due to health issues.

Recruitment at MSU

The Membership Development Committee   will showcase Rotary at the New Faculty Orientation on August 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Bost Conference Center. If you would like to help, contact co-chairs Cory Lucius and Carey Edwards.

Proposed Members

The board of directors has approved nominations of three new members.

  • Christina Lucas is a licensed realtor with Tom Smith Land and Homes. Proposed by Carey Edwards, her classification is Real Estate Broker.
  • Mark Chandler, manager at FlexSteel is proposed by Mike Cayson. His classification is Management, Furniture Manufacturing.
  • Robyn Havard is a partner at Insurance Associates of Starkville. Cory Lucius has proposed her membership. Her classification is Insurance.

Rotary Youth Exchange Continues Strong

July 28—The strength of our Rotary Youth Exchange program was amply demonstrated as our latest inbound student and our upcoming outbound student spoke about their experiences and lives.

Auf Wiedersehen

Philippa Romen-Naegel arrived home safely in Kalkar, Northern Westphalia, Germany, last Thursday. Sponsored by the Emmerich-Rees Rotary Club (D 1870), the sixteen-year-old said, “I grew up so much.”

We sent her home dressed in red, white and blue sneakers with a hand-painted cow bell and an expanded vocabulary including “y’all.”

When she gets home, she will have two more years of college prep before going to university. She hopes to study something to develop her creativity.

With visits ranging from Orange Beach, Ala., to San Diego, Calif., she said, “It was so amazing to see all of these places you usually see on TV or hear about. That I could be there, oh wow I have stories to tell.”

Philippa thanked us for being able to give a short summary of the “best year of my life.” She most values the experience of being on her own in another country.

Philippa Grand Canyon Web

Adventure Girl Takes Flight — Philippa’s enthusiasm is expressed at the Grand Canyon on the RYE western tour in June. The self-styled “Adventure Girl” didn’t pause in her year with us. At Starkville High School, she ran cross-country, appeared in the stage play While the Lights Were Out, and was crowned Miss Yellowjacket. In her last two weeks in town, she appeared in the MSU Summer Scholars production.




Our outbound RYE student Matthew Reynolds heads for Italy in September.

The recent Starkville High School grad has spent his whole life in Starkville.

“I have the opportunity to be an ambassador showing where I come from and how we actually are,” he said. “Sometimes Southerners get a negative stereotype and I hope to break that.”

Saying he was “more than excited to talk about where I’m going,” he explained that Lecco is in the northern part of Italy on Lake Como near the Alps. With two host brothers and two host sisters he expects a large change for an only child.

Matt has known about RYE since the seventh grade when he was a member of the Interact Club we sponsored.

The accomplished musician plays guitar, saxophone and mandolin. At SHS, he was drum major and participated in choir and theater.

“First Methodist has blessed me with multiple opportunities for leadership,” he said. “I was honored to be state president of Mississippi Methodist Youth.”

Matt Reynolds Web

New Ambassador Heads Out — “Youth Exchange is about the people you meet and the stories you can tell,” says Matt Reynolds.

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