December 8, 2008 Rotogram


As the academic year’s first semester draws to an end, Braxton Coombs, Mississippi State University Student Association president, will report on student life.


District 1 State Senator Doug Davis from DeSoto  chairs the University and Colleges Committee and is vice chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Next week he will discuss the controversial proposal to change the IHL Board, on which he has held hearings.


Invocation and Pledge: Grant Arinder

Attendance: There were 127 members (35 exempt) present, and 76 (18 exempt, 9 honorary) absent.

Guests and visitors: Visiting Rotarians were Bill Overstreet of West Point and Bonnie Dretler (John Simpson’s sister) of Vero Beach, Fla. Kara Templeton was a guest of dad Chip. Guests of the Club were Jarrod Reneau, Ambassadorial Cultural Scholar, and Taka Sato, Youth Exchange Student. Excellence in Education guests are listed with the photos on the facing page.

Ambassadorial Scholar: Nancy Hargrove reported that Kyle Frazier, our Ambassadorial Scholar, is completing his year’s study in southern Australia. His local sponsor reports that he has been very popular giving many presentations to area clubs.


Ben Howell and Amy Tuck attended their first meeting as full-fledged members.

Two more new members gave their classification talks.

Les Potts, a Florence, Ala. native and Birmingham Southern College business graduate, has the professional classification of education finance. He came to Mississippi State University as a pilot in 2002 and now serves as a financial analyst in Finance and Administration.

Outnumbered by females at home (including the cat and dog), he said that he retreats to his carpentry shop for a regular “systematic rearrangement of tools” as a hobby. The ladies in his life are wife Holly, and daughters Claire and Anna Lesley. They are members of Starkville’s Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

“From the perspective of someone who did not grow up here, I see this community as the ideal place to raise a family,” he said. “Although Holly and I have moved around a good bit, I intend to make this my last move.”

Jon Maynard, the Greater Starkville Development Partnership’s new CEO, holds the professional classification of economic developer.  He boiled down his job description to “the guy who’s responsible for bringing the money into town.”

He previously served as vice president of business development for the Northwest Louisiana Economic Development Foundation.

“I should have realized that things here were not good if you reached out and hired an economic developer from Louisiana,” joked the Northwestern State University of Louisiana grad. “However, I found when I arrived that it’s actually very good here.”

He said there is an amazing amount of opportunity for business growth and for folks to settle here.

Maynard and his wife, Cherry, have two children, Holly and Connor.


Armstrong Intermediate—Shaina Kemp, Emily Damm, Gwendolyn Ware, 7th grade teacher, and Myles. Guests included Julie Kennedy, Armstrong assistant principal, Robert Damm, and Carlos Kemp.

Ward-Stewart Elementary—Aubreonna Mitchell, Jacob Easley, Erica Inge, 5th grade teacher, and Andrea Myles. Guests included Watress Harris, Ward-Stewart assistant principal, Aubrey Mitchell, and Darrell Easley and Jennifer Easley.

West Oktibbeha Elementary—Justin Jones, Haley Ward, Alfreda Yarbrough, 4th grade teacher, and Myles. Guests included Gale Cook, WOCES principal, Dexter Yarbrough, and Charlene and Jed Jones.

Henderson Elementary—Nikki Adeli, Jessica Ferguson, 6th grade Peak teacher, and Nicholas Deloach. Guests included Timothy Bourne, Henderson principal, Parvaneh Adeli, and Jennifer Lanier.

Andrea Myles, Excellence in Education committee chair, presented certificates and Rotary rulers with the Four-Way Test to outstanding students and teachers from four area schools. The schools pick a representative teacher who then picks two students who excel in academic and civic pursuits.


Last meeting of calendar year and election ··········································································· Dec. 15
Salvation Army Kettle Bell Ringing ···························································································Dec. 20
Rodeo      ······························································································································· Feb. 13-14
Indian Group Study Exchange Team ······················································································ April
District Conference, Meridian       ··························································································· April 17-18
Volunteer as a Between the Lions reader················································································· Weekly

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