January 4, 2010 Rotogram


A report from Governor Haley Barbour’s office concerning Mississippi’s state budget in the current economy is our focus today.


Doug Yelverton, Lowndes Co. Cattleman’s Association, will be our speaker.


Invocation and Pledge: Brian Jones
Attendance: Attendance stayed below 50 percent with 92 members (30 exempt, 1 honorary) present and 98 (19 exempt, 11 honorary) absent.
Guests and visitors: Members’ guests were  Guy Hargrove of Nancy, John Womble of Tommy Tomlinson and Ruth Remy of Keith. Club guests were Don Grebner, Pack 14 committee chair, Paul Sims, Starkville Daily News, and Kasper Eriksen and Francesa Scaravelli, Youth Exchange Students.
Kudos: President Martha complimented Bricklee Miller, facility manager of the Mississippi Horse Park, for the operation’s success in 2009. Economic impact is estimated at $2.8 million through 37 events. The park’s 8 percent growth was tops for any organization in the community.


Jack Forbus received the $50 gift certificate for bringing in the most new members in the first half of the Club year. Peggy Buckley, membership chair, reminded us that another prize awaits the top recruiter of the next 6 months.


In a whimsical reverse auction conducted by Tommy Prentice, we raised $3,166 in pledges for the Kenyan district water project.Considering that we had already received $1,250 in donations when Bill Boykin spoke to our club, that puts us pretty close to the $5,000 match approved by our board. We have an additional $3,536 from the Fall Social’s silent auction. That puts us near the goal of somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. Tommy’s shtick was an offer to not send President Martha and Vice President Tommy Tomlinson to the lucky high bidder’s home for dinner.

OFFICERS FOR 2010-2011

Club leadership for the program year beginning in July was elected by unanimous voice vote.
President-elect………………………………….. Eddie Keith
Secretary………………………………………. W.C. Johnson
Treasurer………………………………………………. Jeff Read
Director-City 5+ years…………………… Shelton Jones
Director-City <5 years…………………….. Brian Portera
Director-University 5+ years…………… Julia Hodges
Director-University <5 years………… Zach Rowland


Two new members have been proposed by the Membership Committee and approved by the board:

  • John Frazier, retired judge has been nominated by Rodney Foil under the classification of Legal.
  • Jeremy Brock has been nominated by Larry Anthony under the classification of Banking.


Don Grebner, Pack 14 committee chair, received the unit’s first $500 support check for the year. He reported that they have just received the 2009 Quality Unit award, have spent time at Camp Seminole. The pack raised $13,500 in popcorn sales, three times the effort of its nearest competitor. The funds support the pack, district and council.

Francesca Scaravelli told us of her home and family in Milan, Italy, at the final meeting of 2009.
Even though she was described as “waiting with baited breath and a great deal of apprehension” by Keith Remy, district RYE chair, she made a fine presentation.
National History.  A student at the Liceo Classico Giuseppe Parini, a high school that focuses on classical subjects, such as Latin and ancient Greek, philosophy and Italian literature, she is well-versed in her nation’s history.
On March 17, 1861 the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed through unification of many city states. In 1871 Rome became the capital.
On June 2, 1946, in a popular referendum, Italians decided to turn from a monarchy to a republic. Women voted for the first time. A constitution was approved by the Constituent Assembly in the following year.
The Italian Constitution calls for a bicameral parliament (Parlamento), consisting of a Chamber of Deputies (Camera dei Deputati) and a Senate (Senato della Repubblica), a separate judiciary, and an executive branch composed of a Council of Ministers (cabinet) (Consiglio dei ministri), headed by the prime minister (Presidente del consiglio dei ministri).
Silvio Berlusconi has been Prime Minister since 2008. Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Italian Republic, was elected to a 7-year term in 2006.
Hometown. Milano was founded in 400 B.C. by the Gaul Belloveso, who defeated the local Etrurians.           In 293 A.D. it became the capital of the Western Roman Empire. In 1183, Milan became a duchy, and saw two important families fight for its domination: i Torriani and i Visconti.
After a period of French, Spanish and Austrian domination, Milan and the rest of Lombardy were incorporated into the Kingdom of Sardinia, which soon gained control of most of Italy and in 1861 was rechristened as the Kingdom of Italy.
The city is well known for the Duomo, the cathedral church, the seat of the Archbishop. And, Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper (il Cenacolo, 1495–1498 ) covers the back wall of the dining hall at Santa Maria delle Grazie.
The “Teatro alla Scala” is the most important theatre in Milan and is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. It was inaugurated in August 1778.
Milan is renowned as one of the world capitals of design and fashion, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and corso Montenapoleone are two of the most famous streets to shop.
Francesca, a lover of shoes, wistfully noted that she most missed the shopping.
Education. As a student at the Liceo Classico, she spends 31 hours per week in school from Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 until 1:00 or 2:00.
Her class of 25 people stays in the same room for every lesson. The teachers come and go. Her class this year would be course E level 4 and it is on the fourth floor.
With a break every two hours, they usually go to the bar at the first floor which is always open and serves coffee. Another thing she misses.
Home and family. Francesca’s mother is an English teacher in a scientific high school.
“She loves going to art exhibitions and we always go together to the theatre,” said Francesca.
Her brother, Alberto, is fourteen years old and loves playing video games, soccer and water polo.
In Italy a lot of people, girls mostly, name their scooter. Francesca’s Vespa is called “Madame.”
Her favorite sport for the past two years is artistic gymnastics. She also loves sailing with a friend who has a boat and often invites her to races.
The family loves travelling and has been to many different countries all over the world. Among her favorites are South Africa, the USA, east and west coasts (except for Chicago, Starkville is her first venture into the hearland), Amsterdam and Austria.


The Youth Exchange program. Illustrating the pleasure of hosting students from other countries, Keith asked, “How do you introduce someone who has been introduced to us every week since late July?” He spotlighted host parents, Dave Marcum, Francesca’s current host dad; Rex Buffington, Kasper’s previous host dad; and Grant Arinder, his current host dad. He challenged the Club noting that although there are no outbound applicants, we will accept two visitors. However, we won’t commit until we have at least 3 host families.

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