July 28, 2014 Rotogram: 4

Auf Wiedersehen

Philippa Romen, our Rotary Youth Exchange student, will speak on her experiences here and at Starkville High School this past year. Nancy Hargrove will introduce her.

Next Week: Rural Health

Bonnie Carew with the MSU Extension Service directs the Mississippi Rural Medical Scholars Program. Ed Clynch will introduce her.

For the Record— July 21

  • Invocation and pledge:           Giles Lindley
  • Attendance:                                          67.4%
    • Present — 91 (34 exempt)
    • Absent — 82 (25 exempt, 10 honorary)
  • Makeup reported: Carey Hardin in Columbus.
  • Guests: Member guests were Gerry Orgler of Judy Webb, Kristina Lucas of Carey Edwards, Grant Farmer of Scott Farmer, and Barbara Coats, Kass Green and Robin Havard of Cory Lucius. Guests of the club were Jennifer Bucurel, Jay Willis and Steven Nalley, Starkville Daily News.

Meeting Notes

  • President Michelle commended membership development co-chairs Carey Edwards and Cory Lucius for a good start to the year’s recruiting.
  • She welcomed new members Scott Farmer and Cindy Palmer.
  • Katherine Little was back after maternity leave.
  • A positive report was given on Jack Wallace’s recovery from surgery.
  • Word was that Stan Grybowski was in an Atlanta hospital recovering from a heart attack.
  • President Michelle congratulated Terry Kemp on his daughter’s engagement.
  • Prayer was requested for Parker Mullins’ recovery from leg injuries in an auto accident. He is the son and grandson of Rotarians Larry Mullins and Peggy Buckley.


We also will bid good bye to our outbound RYE student Matt Reynolds as he heads for Italy.

Speaker Honors

This year, we honor our speakers with a gift to the Starkville Area Habitat for Humanity to break the cycle of poverty in our community.

“This is part of our effort to ‘Light Up Rotary’ locally . . . shining a spotlight on how Rotary makes a difference not only internationally, but also in our own community,” said President Michelle.

Our goal was to be able to provide a matching grant at least equal to the 2:1 match provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for last year’s polio gift. Instead, we now stand at a 3.5:1 match thanks to the generosity of Starkville Rotarians Stan Miller, Allan Tucker, Melanie Mitchell, Nellah Taylor, Jean Faver, Dennis Truax and Grant Arinder.

Let President Michelle know if you would like to become part of the matching gift challenge.


The board of directors has accepted the resignation of William Parker.

Bucurel visits Web


District Governor Makes Annual Visit — Assistant District Governor Carey Hardin and President Michelle welcome Jennifer and Paul Bucurel. District Governor Paul began his year’s leadership on July 1. A former broadcaster and current owner of United States Rare Coin & Currency in Meridian, he said, “Each time you hold out your hand to help the world, the expectations of what Rotary can do are raised.”


Bucurel Calls for Club to “Light Up Rotary”

July 21—A 21-year Rotary veteran, Paul Bucurel credits our club with inspiring him to reinvigorate his club. As president of the Meridian club in 2003 he visited Starkville and saw more than a “meet and eat” group.

To reinforce his point, he cited our involvement in the Rotary Foundation, “the engine that pulls the train.” Starkville has 97 Paul Harris Fellows who have accounted for $1,000 in foundation gifts. Of those contributors, 32 are multiple PH Fellows having given $2,000 or more. We have one major donor of $10,000 or more. And, six members have included the Rotary Foundation in their estate planning.

“Your total giving is staggering, accounting for more than $423,000 to the foundation over the club’s history,” said the district governor. “Last year you exceeded $25,000.”

Making the DG’s annual club visit, Bucurel acknowledged his wife Jennifer who accompanied him, saying, “Being district governor is really a two-person job.”

“The hinge pin that connects the local club to Rotary International is the district Governor,” said Carey Hardin, assistant district governor. “These guys put in a tremendous amount of time representing us.”

Presenting a light-hearted video promotion of the 2015 district conference “Rotary Rivage,” he said, “Someone once told me you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.”

He is encouraging all Rotarians to take part in the joint conference with District 6800 in Biloxi on April 10-12.

Citing the Between the Lions pre-school literacy program started by Past District Governor Jack Forbus, Bucurel noted there now are more than 30 BTL programs in central Mississippi.

When RI President Gary Huang visited Jackson this month, he read to pre-schoolers and vowed to see the program covered in the Rotarian magazine.

Bucurel emphasized President Huang’s theme “Light Up Rotary.” It is inspired by a quote attributed to Confucius — “Better to light up one candle than to curse the darkness.”

RI’s first worldwide project was stamping out polio. More than $1 billion has been raised and invested. Through efforts of many dedicated Rotarians since 1985, the number of cases has dropped from 350,000 to less than 25o last year. India is now polio-free.

In Malawi, half of the children die before reaching the age of five mainly due to disease-contaminated water. Bucurel said that because a candle was lit by a single Rotarian, this has become a major focus right here in our district.

An area Rotarian encountered a Malawi woman who told him, “When you came the children stopped dying.”



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