July 6, 2015 Rotogram: 1

Noxubee Refuge Plan

Steve Reagan, project leader of the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee Refuge speaks on the Comprehensive Conservation Plan that has just been released. Jim Tisdale introduces him.

Next Week: RI and the New Year

President Zach Rowland reports on the Rotary International Convention in Brazil and lays out his agenda for the 2015-16 club year.

For the Record—June 29

  • Invocation and pledge:            Tom Jackson
  • Attendance:                                         76.0%
    Present — 114 (43 exempt)
    Absent — 63 (13 exempt, 12 honorary)
  • Guests: Visiting Rotarian was George McKee. Joking that it was his last opportunity to “mangle names,” President-elect Zach announced that we had no guests of members. Guests of the club were Joel Downey, Peggy Branch and Connor Guyton, Starkville Daily News.

Meeting Notes

  • President Michelle offered condolences to Grant Arinder whose mother-in-law passed away.
  • She reported that Hank Mosley was at home and in good spirits while waiting to start chemotherapy.

Habitat 2015 match Web
















Rotary Lights Up Habitat for Humanity — Noting that Rotary “has always had a special relationship with Habitat,” President Michelle announced that in addition to receiving its community grant, the organization was the focus of the year’s speakers’ honoraria. She presented a $3,850.00 check to the local chapter’s Executive Director Joel Downey. She added a thank you to Peggy Branch, Habitat office manager, for sending each speaker a follow-up note acknowledging the contribution.

During the year, ten club members were inspired to match the budgeted $500 honorarium in the same way the Gates Foundation matches PolioPlus funds. Joining Amos, front from left, are Downey, Branch, Allan Tucker, Melanie Mitchell, Nellah Taylor and Jean Faver; Don Trotter, back from left, Zach Rowland and Stan Miller. Dennis Truax and Grant Arinder were absent. Habitat is approaching 30 years’ service in the community with house number sixty planned for 2016.

15_16 Gavel pass Web







Leadership Transition — Zach Rowland becomes Rotary president as outgoing President Michelle Amos happily passes the gavel. Amos also received her third Paul Harris Fellow pin in recognition of her year’s leadership.

Stu award Web





Rotary Foundation Major Donor — Stuart Vance receives his diamond Rotary pin and crystal Major Donor recognition piece from President Michelle. The past district governor and past club president and his wife Mike are honored for cumulative Rotary Foundation donations that pass the $10,000 mark.


Happy New Year! Starkville Wraps Up a Strong Year and Ruby Retires (again)

June 29—Not only was presidential leadership passed on, the Absolutely Nothing to Do with Rotary Minute marked a change as Roy Ruby wrapped up nine years of yarn spinning.

The levity mantle passes to Sid Salter who introduced Ruby for a half-hour’s joke session.

“Very few men associated with Mississippi State University had more to do with any small bit of success I might have enjoyed in life for a very good reason,” said the university’s chief communications officer. “He could have sent me to jail on a number of occasions and for some reason he chose not to. I like to think it’s because he and my mother share Humphreys County roots.”

Saying he actually met Ruby at a judicial council in the wake of a fraternity party, Salter said, “I go through a harangue about how Pi Kappa Alpha was deserving of justice before the council. He leaned back in his chair and said, ‘Mistah Saltah, I believe the word you’d be looking for is ‘mercy’.”

Citing Ruby’s 40 years’ service to MSU, he dubbed him “our conscience and keeper of the flame.”

One of Salter’s favorite ironic moments came when he learned that Ruby was being considered for the interim presidency of the Mississippi University for Women. He mused, “What one person on earth has thought more about obliterating MUW than Roy Ruby?”

President Michelle capped Ruby’s presentation by announcing a $500 gift to the Boys & Girls Club of Starkville in his honor. A past president of the organization, Ruby is a strong advocate.

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