July 8, 2013 Rotogram: 2

Economic development

Joey Deason is chief operating officer of LINK and vice president of Economic Development for Starkville and Oktibbeha County. He will be introduced by Steve Langston.

Next Week: The Cotton District

Developer Dan Camp will outline new projects underway or planned for Starkville’s Cotton District. He will be introduced by George Sherman.

For the Record—July 1

Invocation and Pledge: Carrie-Beth Randall

Makeups reported: Stuart Vance, Bill Foster and Carey Hardin at the district meeting, Frank Chiles in West Point.

Guests: Visiting Rotarian Prentiss Gordon, Jr. joined his father. Member guests were Mike Vance of Stuart Vance, Beverly Avant of Omis Avant, Trish Cunetto of Sandra Harpole and Janet Mullins of Larry Mullins.

2013 Passing gavel






A New Year Begins — President Brent Fountain accepts the gavel from outgoing President Debra Hicks. Fountain had just returned from the Rotary International convention in Lisbon, Portugal. He said he was quite glad to have a program committee that could not work in his report until September. This year’s RI theme is “Engage Rotary, Change Lives.”


Youth Exchange Needs Hosts

We need host families for our new RYE student, who arrives around August 1 for her year with us. The 16-year-old girl is sponsored by the Emmerich-Rees Rotary Club (D 1870).

Please suggest potential host families to Keith or Debra so they can make contacts.

Supporting Local Education

June 17 — Trey Breckenridge and John Forde, Rotary Classic Rodeo co-chairs, presented Nellah Taylor, SOAR Community Foundation Board chair, a check for the Oktibbeha County Tuition Guarantee Program. Taylor said the $10,000 will provide tuition for about 20 students to attend East Mississippi Community College. Breckenridge said this year’s rodeo attracted about 300 contestants from 30 states and three countries. Between 6,000 and 7,000 people attended the two-day event in February.

Proposed Member

Paul Millsap has been proposed for membership by Keith Remy. A past president of our club and a Paul Harris Fellow, his classification is Attorney – Private Practice.

Meeting Note — John Robert Arnold was welcomed back from his broken hip convalescence.

Meet a New Member

Archie Anderson, president of Citizens Bank of Starkville, has had a career in banking and credit in Vicksburg, Meridian and Philadelphia. Born in Nebraska, he moved to Vicksburg at age six. He met his wife at MSU. Although they have no children, he said, “We’ve had plenty of offers from family members to take some.”

Rotary Foundation Funds Service

July 1 — “Without the Rotary Foundation, we’d just be a lunch club. The good we do throughout the world absolutely would not happen,” said Carey Hardin, assistant district governor, as he introduced Larry Mullins, District Annual Giving Subcommittee chair.

In his district role, our club’s past president addresses many of the area’s 44 clubs.

“Usually it’s a different setting where I’m talking about why they need to contribute to the foundation. But that’s a totally different story with this club,” he said. “In fact, it’s just the opposite, because our club sets the bar.”

In terms of total giving, our club is the top group in District 6820. So, Mullins said he had to change his spiel to talk to a good club for a change.

Citing 2011-2012 annual giving statistics he noted that the district only had 842 Sustaining Members out of 2,300 Rotarians giving $168,490. Our club accounted for 20 percent of that number. Twelve clubs gave very little or nothing.

In jest, he pointed to the “ROMEO” (Retired Old Men Eating Out) table to underline the active nature of our club. At that table sat three past district governors, Bill Foster, Stu Vance and Jack Forbus. He added that across the club, many other members have held district appointments.

The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.

The foundation has two divisions, the Annual Fund and the Permanent Fund.

The Permanent Fund is an endowment that only spends its earnings on Rotary International world service. It typically is funded through testamentary gifts, estates, charitable gifts and outside donations.

RI decides each year how much of the Annual Fund will be spent in service. Mullins noted that, theoretically, the whole fund could be spent. It is funded by Rotarians and many outside groups and people who respect RI efforts.

“If the Rotary Foundation is the engine that drives all the programs,” said Mullins. “Then, the Annual Fund is its oil and gas.”

The Every Rotarian Every Year emphasis asks every member to support the foundational principles of the club with an annual contribution of $100. When one’s donations accrue $1,000, a Paul Harris Fellowship is earned.

Mullins wants to dispel the myth that “once a PH Fellowship is achieved, I’m done.” In fact, ongoing donations can be used to honor others with a fellowship. He noted that our club’s dues structure has just been modified to ensure our EREY participation.

The Annual Fund-SHARE System sends 50 percent of all contributions back to District Designated Funds in three years to spend on educational and humanitarian activities chosen at the local level. Some grants may be used for local community projects.

President Brent has been certified to apply for grants. We will have a committee to ensure our participation in the program.

The other 50 percent goes to the World Fund and is used to fund other Foundation programs in which we can participate. It is the source of matching funds we receive from the Foundation to implement our international projects.

To set the perspective on the effect of our contributions, Mullins pointed out that only $100 can provide school supplies, malaria tests or water hygiene training. One thousand dollars helps provide HIV anti-retroviral drugs, mobility for disabled youth or domestic abuse education.

Specifically, our club is recognized for providing several clean water wells in cooperation with our district and a local club in Malawi.


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