March 2, 2015 Rotogram: 28

MSU Football Reaches New Level

Dan Mullen, Mississippi State University head football coach, reviews the historic season and future prospects. Dave Boles introduces him.

Next Week: Fire Fighting in Oktibbeha County

Kirk Rosenhan is Oktibbeha County Fire Coordinator. Bill Parrish will introduce him.

For the Record—February 16

Invocation and pledge:                       Paul Millsaps

Attendance:                                                        68.2%

Present — 101 (36 exempt)

Absent — 80 (20 exempt, 11 honorary)

Guests: Member guests were Jessie and Ann McDonald of Ed Clynch, Rubye Guest of Charlie Guest and Guy Hargrove of Nancy Hargrove. Guests of the club were Kristina Brown, Parker Guest, Max Garzoni, RYE student, and Danny Smith, Starkville Daily News.

Meeting Notes

  • President Michelle welcomed Jay Hines to his first meeting as a new member.
  • She extended the club’s condolences to J.C. Patton in the death of his father.
  • Parker Guest, Starkville Academy junior, was recognized as the Youth Exchange Student of the Week. He’s the grandson of Charlie and Rubye Guest.
  • Our $250 donation to the Starkville/MSU Symphony was accepted by Pat Lane, board member.

Rotary and Taxes

Treasurer Jeff Read reports that for those who pay their dues with personal funds, the 2014 tax deductible portion of the club fees is $196.

Charity Stripe

March Madness is near and so is Charity Stripe. International Service Committee Chair Grant Arinder urged members to “take a shot for polio” by pledging a penny or two or three or a nickel for every free-throw made in the NCAA tournament.

He called for prize sponsors and noted that Carey Hardin has pledged a ride in his Stearman biplane as one prize.

2014 SHS web





Teacher and Students of the Month —Starkville High School math teacher Wade Williams (center) was named December Teacher of the Month. He then presented Kristen Lacy and Caleb Gwaltney as Outstanding Students.

Editor’s note: This picture was misplaced and not published earlier. Thanks to Trey Breckenridge for shooting it and Nancy Walsh for locating it.


MSU Softball is Selfless Excellent Competitive

February 23 — Aiming for a national championship, Mississippi State University Softball Coach Vann Stuedeman stresses core values that are selfless, excellent and competitive.

“Student athletes are some of the best kids you can hire,” said the fourth year coach. “They know time management, get along with others, are team spirited, are goal oriented and work hard.”

For an example she described a team member who played four years while working on an engineering degree. The young woman had internships before her junior and senior years with Boeing in Huntsville. The company offered her a job before her senior year, so she didn’t have job hunting stress for her final season.

With her team holding a 16-3 record, Stuedeman, mused, “I don’t know what we have to do to get ranked. All I know is that we just win and still don’t get ranked. We’re this close and it’s going to happen.”

Athletic Director Scott Stricklin has said it is tougher to win this league than to win a national championship.

Last year Florida won the national championship. Alabama was number two. Kentucky was in the final eight. Of the current top 25 teams in the nation, eight are from the SEC.

“Just like football and baseball, the SEC is the league to play in,” said the Birmingham native. “Last year the conference had the number one RPI (Rating Percentage Index). Eleven of the 13 teams went to the NCAA regionals.”

The winningest first year coach in MSU history is a Huntingdon College graduate. She has led her teams to three consecutive NCAA tournaments and 33 or more wins each year.

The U.S. has a small professional league of only five teams. Players get $3,000 to play over the summer, so college really is the highest level in the sport.

“Our kids really play for passion and love of the game, because there is no future in softball,” said Stuedeman. “They come here and get a great degree and play a sport they love. Then they go and become productive members of society.”

She has only 12 scholarships to spread across her twenty member roster.

The team is very young over all with 14 underclassmen. With really good sophomores leading the way, she describes them as “very Ohio Statesque,” likening them to this year’s national football champions.

With early signing in November, her 2015 recruits class is ranked fourth in the nation.

“Super Bulldog Weekend has been good to me,” Stuedeman said. “My first year we swept the University of Kentucky. Last year Alabama was number one in the league and finished number two in the nation. But, we won two of three in the series.”

“Our crowds were the biggest in both instances,” she said. “There’s a direct relationship to you all being there and our kids’ performance.”

A new softball facility is slated to be finished in Feb. 2016. It will connect with tennis. With all chairbacks, the seating for 1,100 fans will be close to the players and coaches, and let supporters be very much involved.

MSU hosts the 2016 SEC tournament.

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