Propose New Members

Rotary’s capability to fulfill is mission of “service above self” is enhanced every time a new member joins a local club. However, a club as large as ours inevitably loses some members every year. It is therefore important that each member take it as a personal responsibility to invite leading residents of our community to attend a Rotary meeting as his or her guest to stimulate interest in membership. Club membership is by invitation only.

If a guest expresses interest in joining and the member believes he or she will be a good Rotarian, the member should sponsor the individual for membership, according to the following procedure:

  • The sponsoring member explains the requirements of club membership, including membership dues and attendance expectations. He or she then completes a membership proposal form and gives it to the club secretary, who forwards it to the chair or vice chair of the Classifications Committee. The secretary gives the prospective member a packet of information about Rotary and the local club.
  • The committee chair or vice chair determines the appropriate classification for the proposed member, determines whether the number of members in that classification would or would not be exceeded by the new member, and returns the application to the club secretary and president with a recommendation for action.
  • If the recommendation of the Classifications Committee is positive, the president calls a Board Meeting, usually after a regular Monday club meeting, to take action on the application.
  • If the board action is positive, the president or secretary notifies the club bulletin editor to publish the name and proposed classification.
  • If no written objections are received within seven days of publication, the person will be considered elected to membership upon payment of dues.
  • The president welcomes the individual to membership and notifies the person’s sponsor.
  • The new member is formally inducted at a regular meeting of the club.
  • The secretary notifies the club treasurer when the new member attends his or her first club meeting.