Cyber-Security Demands Strong Offense November 28 —  Cyber-crime has moved from the big time to the petty. While the average cost of a data breach is $4 million, it’s the small targets that bring best returns. Wes McGrew, director of Cyber Operations for HORNE Cyber in Starkville, explained that broad assaults on many computers are […]

Public Service Commission: What Does It Do? November 21 — “The one question I get all the time is ‘What does the Public Service Commission do?’” said Sam Britton, commissioner for the Southern District of Mississippi. “I even had a lady who helped me in the campaign say last week, ‘You need to explain to […]

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November 23, 2016

Moderating Between Mississippi’s Wildlife and People November 14 — Beavers, buzzards, geese and hogs, oh my! The interaction of people and wildlife in Mississippi requires the attention of 33 staffers of the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services. Kris Godwin, the program’s director, is headquartered in MSU’s Thompson Hall. “I got into wildlife thinking I was going […]

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November 16, 2016

Regulating Necessities of Modern Life for the Public Good November 7 — Electricity, natural gas and Internet access, three necessities of modern life, were the focus of Brandon Presley, Mississippi’s Northern District Public Service Commissioner. The PSC chair said that a main staple of economic development and the resurgence of manufacturing in Mississippi is access […]

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October 31, 2016

Semiconductors Place Starkville in Every Corner of the World October 24 — The world’s leading manufacturer of circuit board substrates perfects its product in Starkville at II-VI Advanced Materials. “If you do some traveling outside of the country, say to China, India or Turkey, and you use your cell phone, there’s a little piece of […]

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October 25, 2016

MSU Develops Student Entrepreneurs October 17 — The success of Mississippi State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has attracted widespread interest from other universities, businesses, and industries, according Jeffrey Rupp, E-Center director of outreach. “Our goal is to attract student entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to help them start and grow successful companies,” Rupp explained. […]

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