November 9, 2009 Rotogram


World War II veteran Mark Hazard will share his recollection of the historic Battle of the Bulge. Dr. Hazard is a retired West Point veterinarian and author of World War II as I Remember.


Invocation and Pledge: Bill Parrish

Attendance: There were 104 members (33 exempt) present and 88 (16 exempt, 12 honorary) absent.

Makeups reported: Larry Mullins in Columbus, and Rex Buffington and Frank Childs in West Point.

Guests and visitors: Member’s guests were Richardo Inzunza of Marshall Molen, Sam McReynolds of Jack Forbus, Taylor Adams of Bob Wolverton and Vaughn Simpson of Amy Tuck. Guests of the Club were Kasper Eriksen and Francesa Scaravelli, Youth Exchange Students.

Condolences: President Martha extended the Club’s condolences to Larry Otis in the death of his son.


Charlie Guest, Jeff Donald and Brent Fountain joined the more than 950,000 Paul Harris Fellows’ around the world. The PH award recognizes a contribution of $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation. Our club is the only one in the district with 100 percent member participation in annual giving. Past District Gov. Stu Vance and Steve Taylor, Annual Giving chair made the presentations.


The Paul Harris recognition moment was a perfect segue to the district governor’s address. Gov. Jordan recognized Past District Gov. Jack Forbus as a Rotary Permanent Fund Benefactor for his $1,000 contribution. Unlike the Annual Fund, the program, established in 1982, only disburses interest-generated funds. Principal is invested in perpetuity.

The governor opened his remarks with compliments for the Club’s number two rank in both amount given and per capita giving. The 317 member Jackson Club only out gave us by $29,746 to $29,140. And, the new 22 member South Rankin Club out gave us by $237 to $153 per member. District averages were $4,072 per club and $71 per member.


The district governor’s annual club visit provided opportunity for us to report our activities and for him to lay out his year’s agenda.

The governor’s 42nd (out of 43 clubs) visit began with a briefing from the local board and committee chairs.
Referring to the current Rotary International theme, “The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands,” Jordan spelled out the organization’s challenges. First and foremost is membership. Second is financial resources.

U.S. membership is down and the economic crisis has taken a toll on foundation investments.

Worldwide, Rotary Foundation funds are down 30 percent.

“Y’all have been able to beat the membership curve,” he said. “You are significantly ahead of where you were in members five years ago.”

Only 18 percent of Rotarians worldwide have ever invited someone to become a member. He challenged us to outdo that standing.

“I have determined that Rotary is a secret society,” said the governor. “We don’t lock the door and hand out robes when we meet; but, if you polled members, few would be able to explain it.”

Jordan complimented our leadership in the literacy efforts reporting that there now are 30 childcare centers enrolled in the Between the Lions program throughout the district. The immediate goal is to involve Mississippi’s other two Rotary districts, then to go nationwide.

Emphasizing its worldwide impact (1.2 million Rotarians out of 6.6 billion people), he noted that Rotary has drawn the attention of Bill Gates to invest in polio eradication. He has pledged $255 million while convincing Great Britain and Germany each to ante up $100 million.

Finally, he cited the district water project in Kenya which we are supporting.

Governor meets youth exchange — District 6820 Gov. Jordan pauses to visit with Francesca Scaravelli and Kasper Eriksen, RYE students. Ours is the district’s only youth exchange host club.


Chuck Jordan graduated from Mississippi State University with a BA degree in 1968 after serving as Student Association president. He also is an alumnus of LSU’s Graduate School of Banking of the South and other banking schools.

The 40-year banking veteran is president of the Greenville office of Planters Bank & Trust Company. He serves on the bank’s executive committee and board of directors, and as president of Planters Holding Company.
Active in community and civic pursuits, he also has served the MSU Foundation, MSU Alumni Board, Bulldog Club Board and College of Business Senior Executive Advisory Board. He is past president of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Washington County Industrial Foundation, and currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Delta Economic Development Center.

DISTRICT 6820/6800 CONFERENCE APRIL 22-26, 2010
4-Night Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico
Tour Price: From $535 to $595 per person, double occupancy
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