October 4, 2010 Rotogram

Dr. Sanjar Umarov, a former Cochran Fellow at Mississippi State University, tells of his efforts for free elections in his native Uzbekistan.

There is no lunch meeting next week. The golf tournament is that afternoon and is followed by the Fall social that evening.

Invocation and Pledge: Ernie George
Attendance: 48%
Present — 97 (36 exempt, 1 honorary)
Absent — 91 (16 exempt, 11 honorary)
Guests and visitors: Visiting Rotarian was Jim McCluskey of Waco, Tex. Member guests were Buddy Bayliss of Rodney Foil, Don Trotter of Joe Thompson, Ann Chiles of Frank Chiles, Heidie Lindsey of Eddie Keith, and Sarah Foster of Bill Foster. Guests of the Club were Cathy and Earl Ashley, Miss MSU Fenly Akers, MSU Student Association president Thomas Sellers, and RYE student Jessie Hsu.

The Classification Committee has recommended and the Board approved two prospective members.

Don Trotter, retired MSU associate vice president for strategic initiatives, holds the classification of education administration. His sponsor is Tommy Tomlinson.

Mimmo Parisi, director of MSU’s National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center (nSPARC), has the classification of economic development. His sponsor is Keith Remy.

The second annual Rotary Classic Golf Tournament tees off at 1:00 p.m. on Oct. 11. Proceeds go to the East Mississippi Community College tuition guarantee for eligible Oktibbeha County students. Let tournament chair Bill Ford know if you can help with the event.

The annual Fall social follows that evening. Dinner sign-up sheets are on the tables. Let Bobby Crosland and his committee know if you will attend and how many guests you will bring.

Several of our members are with other Rotarians from the area to welcome Rotary International president Ray Klinginsmith to the Tupelo Club today.

Peggy Buckley, membership chair, reports that the fabled M&M seating assignments yielded a bigger-than-usual list of potential Rotarians last week. Instructing us to brainstorm on candidates, she noted that we already have ten new members this Rotary year (since July 1).

Lloyd Rose, member induction chair, conducted the official welcome into the Club for Patricia Faver and Richald Hilton, sponsored by Sonny Kelly; Marc McGee, sponsored by Ken Ramsey; Stan Miller, sponsored by Larry Box; and, Rockey Katz sponsored by Larry Mullins. On Wednesday, Bill Foster, Bill Simmons, and President Tommy briefed a dozen recent members on Rotary history, procedures and service at the quarterly new member orientation.

STARKVILLE READS — President Tommy presented this year’s $325 support check for the citywide reading program to Rotarian Nancy Hargrove who heads the group.

BETWEEN THE LIONS — If you can help with our child care center reading program, let co-chairs David Vanlandingham and Brent Fountain know. David says the only requirements are that “you can read on a kindergarten level” and are willing to do so three or four times a semester.

Miss Mississippi Sarah Beth James spoke to us of her purpose, legacy and mission.

A former Miss MSU, she competed in the state pageant in Vicksburg as Miss Metro Jackson in July.

The Mississippi State University junior in public relations and journalism is passionate about her platform promoting organ and tissue transplantation to save lives. That passion is best summed up in the poem she wrote about the issue.

Her mission is dedicated to a dear family friend, Ralph McDonald, who suffered from a rare and potentially fatal liver disease. Because of a transplant, he was able to spend precious additional years with his family before he succumbed to cancer.

“These years were a gift made possible by a stranger, an anonymous organ donor,” said James.

Although organ and tissue transplantation is an increasingly successful treatment option for many deadly diseases, there are not enough donor organs. One of her goals is to dispel myths about donation.

Today more than 105,000 people await organs. Every ten minutes a new name is added to the list. Each day seventeen people die waiting for a lifesaving transplant.

In contrast, there were less than 11,000 organ donors in the United States last year.

A member of the Chi Omega sorority, she has received a $500 Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency Scholarship in each of the past two pageants. It goes to each contestant whose platform issue is organ or tissue recovery.

James takes her platform and virtuoso piano talent to the 2011 Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas on Jan. 11-15. The finals will be live on ABC.

Sarah Beth’s Thoughts

How many lives will you save today?
An odd question tho it may be.
Eight lives I will save.
And 50 more or so will be changed because of me.

We have a shared power,
An equal opportunity,
To give life,

Gender, race, status,
Put all of these aside,
Mere human inventions that can only divide.
United we are to give, and to receive.
To celebrate the legacy of those for whom we grieve.

But, ashes to ashes, we all shall rise,
At the last brink of our demise.
When that day comes to set me free,
Please, take all that you can from me.

My eyes give to the blind father so that he may see his daughter dressed in white, a stunning bride to be.
My lungs to the musician who plays on Bourbon Street, whose music determines whether or not he will eat.
My kidneys to the children. Free them from the machines to play and to grow, to pursue their dreams.
And my heart, give my heart to the single mother who’s given all of hers and now needs another.

All the rest, take, give,
I won’t need them anymore.
When I am called home,
What will I use them for?

In death is life,
A circle is drawn.
Just as the sun sets to greet the dawn.
So what greater gift than this?
A second chance.
A promise made.
So I ask you once more.
How many lives will you save?

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