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MSU Women’s Basketball Sets Records

August 29— Vic Schaefer, MSU women’s basketball coach, proudly touts a record run over his four-year tenure.

“We had a really special year last season — 28-8, hosting part of the NCAA Tournament and making the Sweet 16 for only the second time,” he said. “It was a really special group of kids who worked hard.”

“It’s a great story for women’s basketball nationally and it’s happening right here in Starkville.”

The Bulldogs claimed a program attendance record for the third-straight season, finishing 15th in the nation with 92,914. The peak attendance at Humphrey Coliseum was a full house of 10,626 for the South Carolina game with a 300-person overflow in the Mize Pavilion watching on a big screen.

Schaefer expects more than 4,000 season ticket holders this season. With barely 400 subscriptions four years ago, he said, “That first year I didn’t want to watch us either, but they were paying me.”

There are only eleven home games plus one exhibition. The team is already picked for four ESPN games. Most of the non-conference games are on the road opening with Purdue and Villanova. Tulane follows in the Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi. There’s a break with Texas on Nov. 20 in The Hump. Then it’s to Hawaii over Thanksgiving followed by Iowa, Southern Miss, UALR and USC.

“Did you notice?” he said. “They’re not waiting in line to come play us in Starkville, especially how good we are now.”

There will be a closed-door scrimmage against UCLA at the San Antonio Spurs workout facility in late October.

The Bulldogs also are coming off a school-best second-place SEC finish, as well as the program’s second appearance in the SEC Tournament championship game. It’s the first time State has won 20-plus games in three-straight seasons.

Schaefer reminded the audience that the all-time leading scorer in the history of girls’ high school basketball plays at Mississippi State right now — Victoria Vivians.

He stressed that the team has a great nucleus coming back having lost only one player from last year’s team. He has signed two big and physical players this year. One is a top-75 guard out of Florida. And, he’s had one sitting out who was an All-Big Twelve as a freshman.”

However, he said, “What I’m really most proud of is that, in the spring, 13 out of 15 players had a 3.18 GPA or better. My team GPA was a 3.31. In the summer it was 3.45”

In his 32nd year of coaching, he said, “Just so you’ll know, typically as your team gets better, your GPA goes down and your tattoos go up. With this team it’s completely opposite.”

“In four years, I’ve only lost four kids when I got them here on official visits,” said the Texas native. “It’s because of our environment, our beautiful campus, our leadership. We have a bunch of highly motivated young people here at State who are here to get an education.”

Beyond basketball, the father of twins said it was a special week marking six years since his son walked out of a Houston rehabilitation hospital. The young man had suffered a near-fatal wakeboarding accident.

Never leaving the boy’s side for 39 days, Schaefer said, “That’s really the best coaching job I’ve ever done.”

Logan now is an MSU student and his twin Blair plays guard on her dad’s team.

More Great Photography

Club member Joe Bumgardner presents more images representing local, national, and international photographic captures. Grant Arinder introduces him.

Next Week: MSU Rings True

For the 137th time, Mississippi State University welcomes a freshman class. MSU President Mark Keenum reports on the state of the university. Sid Salter will introduce him.

For the Record—August 29

Invocation and Pledge:                   Jeff Read

Attendance:                                          71.6%

Present — 111 (48 exempt)

Absent — 71 (12 exempt, 12 honorary)

Guests: Member guests were Thomas Allen of Marc McGee, Paul Luckett of John Rigdon, Gene Jones of Don Trotter and Boomer Brown of Garrett Whitehurst. Guests of the club were Tyler, John and Christy Dickerson, Chip Templeton, Scott Walters, Elisa Malzanni, RYE student, and Alex Onken, Starkville Daily News.

Meeting Notes and Reminders

  • President Briar reminded members that they could contribute to Louisiana flood relief through our club foundation. Every penny goes to disaster relief with Ace Necaise of District 6840 directing the effort.
  • He called for volunteers to clean Main Street for Get Swept Up! on Aug. 31.
  • Before recognizing the week’s youth exchange student, Grant Arinder gave a shout out to Starkville High for winning the “Little Egg Bowl” over Oxford High.
  • Tyler Dickerson, a SHS junior, was recognized as the RYE student of the week. He is involved in student government, the robotics team and his church youth group.
  • Larry Mullins reported that we were very close to our foundation goal of 50 new Paul Harris Fellows by the fall social. Today is the deadline to apply.


The board of directors has accepted with regrets the resignation of Trish Cunetto due to work schedules. Her unexpired term on the board will be filled by Sid Salter.

Literacy Service

Another school year brings the opportunity to enhance youth literacy. Christina Lucas is recruiting volunteers to read at three local pre-schools. Assessment of students’ reading levels are conducted in the first full week of October. Reading starts the following week.



Starkville Rotarians will ring true as we host the first ever Rotary Tailgate on Oct. 8 at the MSU-Auburn game. Rotarians from across the state and beyond will be welcomed to the event that will qualify as a meeting make-up.


Fall Social

The annual fall-fest is Monday, October 3. Social hour is at 5:45 p.m. Steak cookout follows at 6:30.

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