September 19, 2016 Rotogram: 10

Photographic Journeys: Capturing and Sharing Images

September 12— Joe Bumgardner explained that a compelling image consists of six points: proper exposure, sharp focus of the subject, interesting composition, lack of excessive contrast, lack of excessive noise and proper white balance.bumgardner-western-scene-1-web

Illustrating his advice with images from the U.S. West Coast to the Emerald Isles of Ireland, he reviewed the “Photographic Triangle” of three elements: aperture value, ISO value and shutter speed.

A great image begins with composition which requires understanding the best way to arrange the elements of the scene within the frame to produce a pleasing result.

Bumgardner gave six main elements of photographic design—line, shape, form, texture, pattern, and color.







He stressed that line is the key element. Without line, there’s no shape. Without shape, there’s no form. Without shape and form, there’s no texture. And without line and shape, there’s no pattern.









All these elements require the presence of light. Great photographers demand beautiful light. He said anything less is a compromise.











Technique is the craft side of photography. It’s knowing which lens to use, which aperture to set, how to obtain the optimum exposure and how to process your captured images.

Bumgardner’s advice is that the best camera is the one you have with you at the time. He noted that many of his images were captured with his iPhone.


Next Week: County Courts

Monica Banks has been the Oktibbeha County chancery clerk for 20 years. Bob Daniels will introduce her.

MSU Rings True

For the 137th time, Mississippi State University welcomes a freshman class. MSU President Mark Keenum reports on the state of the university. Sid Salter introduces him.

For the Record—September 12

Invocation and Pledge:                   Larry Box

Attendance:                                          65.4%

Present — 102 (46 exempt)

Absent — 80 (14 exempt, 12 honorary)

Guests: Visiting Rotarian was Jimmy McCluskey. Member guest was Gloria Batson of Robyn Havard. Guests of the club were Jeanie and Karlie McNeel, Carol Barryhill, Elisa Malzanni, RYE student, and Alex Onken, Starkville Daily News.

Meeting Notes and Reminders

  • President Briar expressed the club’s condolences for Nancy Hargrove in the loss of her husband, Guy.
  • He complimented Happy Deas and Stu Vance for spearheading the Louisiana flood effort that brought in more than $4,500.
  • Karlie McNeel, Starkville Academy junior, was introduced as Youth Exchange Student of the Week. Ranked number one in her class, she is a member of the National Honor Society, band and soccer team.
  • Carrie-Beth Randall, community service chair, was complimented for leading the Get Swept Up! team of about a dozen members.
  • Members were reminded that District 6820 is offering a 50/50 match for members to complete a Paul Harris Fellowship.
  • The fall social is Monday, October 3. Social hour is at 5:45 p.m. Steak cookout follows at 6:30.
  • Volunteers still are needed for Between the Lions reading at three pre-schools. Contact Christina Lucas







Action Photography—No, this isn’t our shooting team for Columbus Rotary’s Shots Heard Around the World. It’s a sample of Joe Bumgardner’s being at the right place at the right time for the right picture. Although the team didn’t get to compete, our club committed $500 to the polio eradication project.


The board of directors has accepted with regrets the resignation of Jay Hines who will be moving from the community.



Starkville Rotarians will ring true as we host the first ever Rotary Tailgate on Oct. 8 at the MSU-Auburn game. Rotarians from across the state and beyond will be welcomed to the event that will qualify as a meeting make-up.



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